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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest scrolling sign and largest scrolling sign Zuni® can manufacture?

Zuni® manufactures to spec. The smallest scrolling sign is 1.5ft by 2.5ft and the largest scrolling sign is 7.5ft by 20ft.

Can individual Zuni® scrolling signs be attached together in order to make a scrolling sign larger than 7.5ft by 20ft?

Yes, individual Zuni® scrolling signs can be pieced together to make a scrolling sign as large as you wish – this is called our SPDA (scrolling poster display array).

What is the estimated manufacturing time for Zuni® scrolling signs?

The manufacturing time varies and depends upon the type and quantity of products ordered. However, estimated manufacturing times usually range from 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

Do Zuni® scrolling signs have a warranty?

Yes, all Zuni® scrolling signs have a one (1) year warranty on all parts except for glass and lighting.

Are Zuni® scrolling signs for indoor use only?

No, Zuni® scrolling signs are for indoor use and outdoor use. In addition, Zuni® manufactures single sided units as well as double sided units.

Are there any options or accessories that can be purchased with a Zuni® scrolling sign?

Yes, Zuni® has many options and accessories for scrolling signs some of which include Remote Controls, Scroll-A-Sound, Wireless Synchronization Modules, Photo Sensor Switches, GSM Monitors, Poster Zipper, LED Banners, etc.

Can the posters inside Zuni® scrolling signs be programmed for both short and long time viewing durations?

Yes, the posters inside our Zuni® scrolling signs can be individually programmed to be viewed anywhere between one (1) second and ninety-nine (99) hours fifty-nine (59) minutes and fifty-nine (59) seconds.

What type of poster material should be used inside our Zuni® scrolling signs?

The poster material for Zuni® scrolling signs should be either Polypropylene (PP) Paper or Backlit Film as Vinyl is NOT recommended.

Who can purchase a sign from Zuni®?

Any individual or corporation across the globe.

Can someone help with determining which Zuni® Scrolling Sign would be most beneficial for my needs?

We have an experienced sales and operations department ready to assist you with any questions you might have. Call us today at (908) 489-4616.

Does Zuni® already have signs in locations available that I can pay to advertise on?

Yes. Visit the Advertising tab located at the top of the site for further available areas.