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Motion Sells!

Zuni® scrolling signs are better than full color digital at a fraction of the cost! Consumers walk right past an LED video display without ever stopping to notice because they already spend a generous allotment of their time watching TV. Zuni® advertising is different, because the images are much superior to full color LED digital displays and the rhythm and motion is hypnotic. It is virtually impossible to ignore  Zuni® scrolling signs.

Because the ads are intensified with bright backlighting, the brilliant colors and crisp images captivate the viewer instantly. Zuni® is uniquely positioned to offer advertisers an extremely attractive CPM. Whether your advertising message is designed for a small regional audience or a large national demographic, we have developed the necessary relationships with media companies in order to assist you with your goals. We can also customize one-of-a-kind advertising campaigns using our trusted scrolling advertising equipment. Call today to discuss your advertising needs.

Zuni® has a strong reach from coast to coast!

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