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Our Zuni® products "capture" the essence of your business image and  makes advertisers stand out from among the competition. We are proud to say that businesses have come to trust the Zuni® experience and our product brand since 2004.

At Zuni® we offer a full range of scrolling light boxes and scrolling advertising products. There are many advantages to backlit scrolling signs. Backlit scrolling signs are very striking and effective  signs and billboards. Three (3) to eight (8) posters can be displayed at intervals of between zero (0) to ninty-nine (99) hours fifty-nine (59) minutes and fifty-nine (59)seconds. Scrolling technology is superior in many ways to static full color displays. The images are digitally reproduced with high resolution printing. The printing is typically very inexpensive and widely available at local printers throughout the country.

Zuni® scrolling signs can be used in many industries including indoor and outdoor retail establishments, grocery stores, sporting events, shopping malls, franchises, high schools, colleges, bus shelters, parking garages, car washes, movie theaters, beauty salons,gyms, and much more.

Please contact us to learn more about scrolling signs, digital LCD signs, scrolling light boxes, static backlit light boxes,  scrolling system kits, mobile scrolling billboards, scrolling advertising equipment, advertising media sales, and advertsing networks.

Zuni®is the right choice for your full service sign experience. Let our experts assist you in making a lasting impression with consumers. For all your business sign needs - call Zuni®today!

Mission Statement

We are commited to the growth and profitability of our clients and partners by developing the most innovative and cost effective advertising products in the marketplace, while offering a level of service that exceeds their expectations.